The word “Neuropathy” means pathology or disease of the nerves. Diabetic patients who do not keep their blood sugars in range (70-110mg/dl) on a daily basis, have a greater chance of developing abnormal nerve function.  This can cause symptoms such as tingling, burning pain, numbness and sharp shooting pain in the toes and legs and Read More

Going Full Speed into the New Year- Not a Good Idea!

A New Year is here and making resolutions is what we do. Getting into shape by starting an exercise program is always high on the list. Unfortunately, stopping a week later is typical. The reasons are many but setting unrealistic goals or starting exercise programs that are too rigorous are some of the reasons for Read More

The Heel Pain Blues

Heel pain can be devastating, causing one to limp and avoid walking and exercise.  It is so common that I see 3-4 people a day with trouble walking due to heel pain.  Most people complain of pain that is worse with first steps in the morning or after rest. It then progresses to pain that Read More

Cracking Up Over Winter

“What does October thru April have to do with your feet?  It’s those nagging and sometimes painful cracks on the bottom of your feet and especially around the heels that show up this time of year.  Once the temperature outside cools down, the humidity in the air reduces and we lose more moisture in our Read More

My Big, Red, Hot, Left Foot

Why did your foot wake you up in the middle of the night? It’s swollen, hot, red and very painful. Is it an injury? How can that happen when you were sleeping tightly in bed? Possible diagnoses that can cause these symptoms include: an injury, an infection, a rheumatologic episode or an acute Gout Attack. Read More

How to have successful treatment of toenail fungus.

The best success for treating nail fungus is when treatment is started early on in the infectious process. Most women polish their toenails all summer long (and possibly all year long) and never look closely at their nails when the polish is being changed. The key to success is to look for white discoloration on Read More

Those Manolo Blahniks Didn’t Cause Those Bunions!

Stop blaming yourself for wearing those high heeled shoes or ill-fitting shoes when you were young. The cause of bunions has more to do with the foot structure you inherited and less to do with the type of shoes you wear. The more movement your foot goes through with each step you take, the more Read More