Cracking Up Over Winter

“What does October thru April have to do with your feet?  It’s those nagging and sometimes painful cracks on the bottom of your feet and especially around the heels that show up this time of year.  Once the temperature outside cools down, the humidity in the air reduces and we lose more moisture in our skin.  Eventually the heat goes on at work and at home and things tend to dry up.   This is what causes your skin to crack, especially your feet!  If left untreated, these cracks can develop into open cuts that bleed, are painful and can become infected.

I tell all my patients to start using a good moisturizer from October thru April and to use it twice a day (morning and night) on their feet to help prevent this cracking.  A cream is stronger than a lotion and therefore yields better results. Creams that contain petrolatum are preferred. You can work the cream into your skin to avoid ruining your sheets. By applying a small amount of cream and rubbing it in until the cream is thoroughly absorbed into your skin is the best practice for nighttime. If cracking has already occurred, hydrating the skin and using cream under occlusion at night will help heal your painful sores.  You can download these directions from my website at drrobynjoseph.com and press the tap titled Instructions.  You can also contact the office with further questions or concerns.