Going Full Speed into the New Year- Not a Good Idea!

A New Year is here and making resolutions is what we do. Getting into shape by starting an exercise program is always high on the list. Unfortunately, stopping a week later is typical. The reasons are many but setting unrealistic goals or starting exercise programs that are too rigorous are some of the reasons for failure.
Injuries occur when we start out to fast and too hard. Combining a good stretching program with an exercise routine helps prevent those injuries from happening. Starting slow and building up to speed and weight are smarter strategies. We always think we can do more than our bodies can do and that’s when injuries occurs. Here are some pointers:
• Warm-up your muscles before your run or weight training routine.
• Stay hydrated- drink water before and after exercise.
• Wear proper equipment, including footgear. Break in new shoes slowly.
• Do the same routine several times before changing, adding or increasing speed or weight.
• Vary your program to work different muscle groups to keep both sides of joints strong.
• Have a goal in mind to keep you on target and motivated. Workout partners are good motivators.
Be safe, be healthy and enjoy the New Year.
Dr. Robyn Joseph, FACFAS