How to have successful treatment of toenail fungus.

The best success for treating nail fungus is when treatment is started early on in the infectious process. Most women polish their toenails all summer long (and possibly all year long) and never look closely at their nails when the polish is being changed. The key to success is to look for white discoloration on the top of your nail before the polish is reapplied. If this is detected, seek treatment because that white stuff is actually fungus and not just discoloration from the polish like you’ve always thought. The polish goes on top of the wet nail and occludes the nail so that air can’t get between the layer of polish and the nail.

This is where the fungus gets comfy and grows, especially in a warm, dark, sweaty shoe. If you catch the infection at this point, before the fungus bores into your nail, it can be easily treated with topical antifungal creams or liquids. Once the infection bores into and under your nail, the task is much more difficult and either laser or oral medications need to be prescribed. They are both only 70% effective and you don’t want to be that 30%!

My Spa, Spa Dieci, offers sterilized technique pedicures that reduce your risk of infection and help prevent nail fungus.

Dr. Robyn Joseph