Pre & Post Op

It’s nice to know what’s expected for pre and post surgery. Preparing mentally and physically for surgery is important for successful results and peace of mind.

Please click to read the appropriate PDFs below that we’ve put together for your convenience:

• Surgical Pre-Operative Instructions

• Surgical Post-Operative Instructions

• Post-operative Nail Procedure Instructions

• Home Care for Wart Treatment

• Post-Operative Wart Instructions

• Calf Stretching Exercises

• Laser Treatment Home Care Instructions

• Treatment Instructions for Dry Cracked Skin

• How to Take Care of Your Feet as a Diabetic

• Diabetic Therapeutic Shoe Instructions

• Foods to Avoid with Gout

Disclaimer:  These instructions are tailored to the individual patient when given in the office. Some of these instructions may differ from the instructions already given to you. Please call the office to clarify all instructions.